Unique approach

Monde Selection is not like other contests or competitions.

Your product is not compared with other products in its category.

Our experts assess the intrinsic quality of each product as a whole, according to very precise and very varied criteria.

Independent experts

Since 1961 Monde Selection collaborates with over 70 eminent experts such as Michelin stared chefs, world renowned oenologists, university professors, brewing engineers, nutritionists, dieticians,...

A more objective evaluation

The scientific and legal approach of the evaluation procedures has been at the heart of the activity of the Institute since its creation.

The mission of our scientific committee is to verify the correspondence between the nutritional qualities of a product and the announced commercial claims. Laboratory analyses may be carried out to complete the evaluation.

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Expert indépendants

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Our evaluation methodology

The criteria and evaluation parameters vary according to the different types of products but are always part of a global approach.

Thus, our experts must not only judge the taste, smell, visual aspect and all the classical organoleptic criteria but must also take into account the information provided for the consumers, the ingredients used, innovation, packaging and the veracity of the commercial claims.

For this mission, Monde Selection may count on the support and the collaboration of certified laboratories and independent institutions who can carry out any additional nutritional, chemical and bacteriological tests.

The final result of the evaluation is calculated on the basis of the average points awarded by each jury member in a totally independent manner.

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The juries

Monde Selection brings together more than 70 internationally renowned experts, who judge according to their specialisation a precise product category.

Each jury is made up of at least 8 experts under the leadership of the president of the jury.

All of them must have first class professional experience and give their judgements completely independently.

The evaluation is done based on an individual sheet that may include up to 20 different parameters.

Monde Selection has the support of prestigious associations such as the Culinary Academy of France, Euro-toques, the Master Chefs of Belgium, the International Vine and Wine Organisation (O.I.V), the Jurés-Experts Piqueurs Brokers and many other associations...

The Annual Awards Ceremony

This prestigious Awards Ceremony is held at the end of May - beginning of June in a European city.

During the event, all the companies that have been granted a quality label are invited to step up on the podium to receive their awards and diplomas.

This event, which is widely reported by the international press, is followed by a great Gala Dinner hosted for more than 500 personalities among them ambassadors, consuls and managers of large companies.

The next day, Monde Selection organises a guided tour of the city for any clients who wish to take part.

This day provides an excellent opportunity for our partners to exchange valuable information about product development, both in terms of quality and marketing. They may also meet the Monde Selection team.

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