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Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks

Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks

For the tastings of Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks, Monde Selection relies on the collaboration of the very best specialists and the brewing department of the Institut Meurice, who award the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold labels at the end of the selection process.

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Deadline for sending the samples


In order to ensure that the judging is completely impartial, each jury member must fill in a tasting sheet individually and independently. There are specific sheets for each type of product and they may include up to 20 different parameters of analysis.

This jury is made up of at least 8 experts and a jury president who has several years experience of working with Monde Selection.

In order to obtain objective judgement of the quality of the product, the final result is calculated on the basis of the average points given by the different jury members.

The evaluation process always starts with organoleptic tests which measure the sensory quality of the products.

Features and further added value of Monde Selection:

  • During the tasting, the experts are given a technical sheet with all the information that is useful for correctly evaluating the intrinsic quality of the product and its typical features (which may sometimes vary according to the geographic origin of the product).

    This information allows us to go beyond the simple taste analysis and therefore makes for a more objective and overall judgement of the quality of the product.

    For instance, to correctly evaluate a water, the experts should not only analyse and check the numerous chemical and biological parameters, but should also be able to interpret and make a judgement on the composition (minerals, pH,...) which may be subject to different norms depending on the country and the target audience.
  • The packaging, through its design and its user-friendliness, is also an evaluation parameter taken into account during the evaluation.
  • Finally, if there is any doubt about some quality parameters, the evaluation will be immediately completed by laboratory tests such as gas chromatography or other chemical tests which, of course, depend on the type of products being analysed.


The experience of the Jury, of which some members have been collaborating with Monde Selection for over 25 years, is certainly the best guarantee of good and fair evaluation of the quality of your product.

It is these years of experience that make the members of our jury capable of judging products from all over the world with subtlety.

This jury is made up of

  • engineers in brewing techniques
  • university lecturers and professors
  • professional tasters
  • chemists and experts

The partnership between Monde Selection and the Institut Meurice for judging and analysing the quality of beers, waters and soft drinks is also the best guarantee of the reliability and quality of the services that we provide.

The Institut Meurice founded in 1897,is renowned worldwide for its expertise in fermentation sciences and brewing techniques.

This third level college has a dual function. On the one hand, it advises companies in the sector of research for the food industry and on the other hand, it is the most important college of university level that trains and provides for Industrial Engineering and Masters in Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry courses.

The evaluation sessions last four months with a maximum of 10 to 15 products a day.

The Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks jury is chaired by Madame C. Lietar. Honorary Professor. Madame Liétar’s career is in the brewing industry.

Quality Awards 

After the various tests and tastings, the juries of Monde Selection award Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold quality labels to products that are outstanding in terms of the different evaluation criteria.

A label that each laureate may display on their product for 3 years.

In addition, Monde Selection awards Trophies to companies for the constant efforts they make to reach and maintain a high level of excellence.

Lastly, the Monde Selection experts may award a Prize of the Jury to one product in each category that the jury unanimously notices as outstanding for one of its qualities such as its taste or its innovative nature.

Conditions for use of Quality Awards

Bronze award

Bronze if the product scores on average between 60% and 69%

Silver award

Silver if the product scores on average between 70% and 79%

Gold award

Gold if the product scores on average between 80% and 89%

Grand gold award

Grand Gold if the product scores on average between 90% and 100%

Participation procedure 

Submitting your product is very easy.

Complete the form and follow the instructions for sending us samples

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Register now

Please complete the form and send it to Monde Selection



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Send your samples

Send the corresponding samples and a copy of the registration form following the shipping instructions and the calendar.

Cérémonie de Clôture et résultats 3
Results and Awards Ceremony

The results will be sent out at the end of April and the ceremony will take place at the end of May or the beginning of June in an European city.


Products evaluated and references 


    • BS.1.1 - Pilsen type
    • BS.1.2 - Dortmund type
    • BS.1.3 - Munich type
    • BS.1.4 - Bock type
    • BS.1.5 - Special or Regional beers
    • BS.2.1 - Pale Ale type
    • BS.2.2 - Scotch
    • BS.2.3 - Stoutt
    • BS.2.4 - Malted beers
    • BS.2.5 - Regional or Abbey beers
    • BS.2.6 - White beers
    • BS.2.7 - Barley wines
    • BS.2.8 - Others
    ACID BEER (including spontaneous fermentation beers)
    • BS.3.1 - Lambic, Gueuze, Faro, Kriek,& Hellip;
    • BS.4.1 - Aromatised beers
    • BS.4.2 - Beer-coolers (Panaché)
    • BS.5.1 - Table beers
    • BS.6.1 - Alcohol-free beers (NA) - 0% to 0.5% proof
    • BS.6.2 - Low alcohol beers (LA) - 0.5% to 1.2% proof
    • BS.6.3 - Low carbohydrate beers
    • BS.7.1 - Malted drinks

    • BS.8.1 - Carbonated waters
    • BS.8.2 - Non-carbonated waters
    • BS.8.3 - Aromatised waters
    • BS.9.1 - Lemonades and sodas
    • BS.9.2 - Energy drinks
    • BS.9.3 - Others
    • BS.10.1 - Lemonades and sodas
    • BS.10.2 - Fruit juices
    • BS.10.3 - Energy drinks
    • BS.10.4 - Syrups
    • BS.10.5 - Other
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