Monde Selection awards "The Prestige Trophy" to companies for the constant efforts they make to reach and maintain a high level of excellence over such long periods of time.

The "25 Years Trophy"

This Trophy is granted to companies that have received Grand Gold, Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards for twenty five consecutive years.

In 2016, the following company received the "25 Years Trophy":

Kasho Sanzen Co., Ltd.Japan

Le Special 25 Years Trophy

The "Crystal Prestige Trophy"

This Trophy is awarded to companies that have been received Grand Gold, Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards for 10 consecutive years.

In 2016, only 33 companies received the "Crystal Prestige Trophy".

Aishitoto Co., LtdJapan
Brouwerij CornelissenBelgium
Club HarieJapan
FuFann Enterprise Co., LtdTaiwan, Republic Of China
Higa Shuzo Co., LtdJapan
Hojo Seianjo Co., LtdJapan
Hotel Piena Kobe Nishi Tamon Co., LtdJapan
Ikinokura Distillery Co., LtdJapan
Inoue Distiller and Brewer Co., LtdJapan
Ishioka Shuzo Co., LtdJapan
Kadohama Sohonpo Co.,LtdJapan
Marushou Rice Vinegar Manufacturer & CoJapan
Masudayashokuhin Co., LtdJapan
Masuyamiso Co., LtdJapan
Meiji Co., LtdJapan
Momijiya Honpo Co., LtdJapan
Okashigoten CorporationJapan
O-Syoya Co., LtdJapan
Oyaizu Seicha International Japanese Tea Co., Ltd.Japan
Sakai Canning Co., LtdJapan
Sakuranosato Distiller and Brewer Co., LtdJapan
Sanjyu Co., LtdJapan
Saza Coffee Co., LtdJapan
Sendai Miso Shoyu Co., LtdJapan
Shodoshima Sougo Shokuhin CompanyJapan
Sovena Portugal Consumer Goods S.A.Portugal
Taisei Co., LtdJapan
Unsui Co., LtdJapan
Vitowa Co., LtdJapan
Wakamatsu Syuzo Co., LtdJapan
Yasuoka Co., LtdJapan
Yatsushika Brewery Co., LtdJapan
Zamami Konbu CorporationJapan

Le Crystal Prestige Trophy

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