A complete skin treatment product

Aphrozone is a Korean company founded in 2012 and specialising in high-end cosmetics. Its activity revolves around continuous research in technological innovations.

The company markets the product “Intensive 4U Ampoule” under the brand name Ruby-Cell. This is a cosmetic product whose objective is to simultaneously manage facial wrinkles while whitening the skin.

It consists of a combination of peptide proteins that improve skin elasticity by way of collagens that smooth the skin. Several ingredients contribute to the vitality of the skin and give it a brighter and clearer appearance.

According to the findings made by independent experts, each vial of “4U Intensive Ruby-Cell” has a high concentration of collagen and other high-performance active ingredients as part of a formula that uses the APL-Pro (Human Stem Cell Growth Factor) system to provide “complete” skincare.

The experts confirmed that the application of the product using the “Airbrush” high-pressure atomisation system further increases its effectiveness through better penetration of the serum’s active ingredients into the skin, with proven results established by various scientific study data.

Its composition and action have been examined by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Tests that have been carried out with regards to possible skin irritations have revealed its harmlessness in this regard.

All of these praiseworthy qualities led the Monde Selection team to award this product a Grand Gold award, as well as the Jury Prize 2021.

"Each year, one product per category is awarded the Prize of the Jury as a token of excellence in know-how and quality. In order to qualify, the product must be unanimously selected as a “coup de cœur” by the jury members. The winner of the Prize of the Jury is then selected from a group of just 5 nominees, which makes this award an even greater honour for the recipient."

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