DUO The Re-Boost Lotion

Commercialized in Japan by the company Premier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd, DUO is an innovative reboosting lotion that is specially designed to correct skin damage caused by external aggressors that affect and deteriorate the function of the skin, such as ultraviolet rays, air pollution, dryness and intense exercise.

As far as its composition is concerned, the product contains a high concentration of uniquely formulated ingredients such as Detoxandria, Creatine and Aqua Tide, with the most innovative of these ingredients being Detoxondria. Some of the skin issues that consumers are regularly confronted with are tightness, dullness and fatigue. In order to provide solutions to these skin problems, Codif has taken an interest in the internal functioning of the skin cells. On the occasion of the in-cosmetics fair of 2019, the ingredient supplier unveiled its latest innovation, which is none other than a seaweed-based active ingredient that fights against cell senescence and therefore against signs of fatigue at the same time.

DUO also contains other active ingredients such as retinol, tocopherol and other more traditional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Moreover, as part of its composition, the re-boost lotion also includes uniquely formulated components that are brought together in a combination called the “Energy Complex”. The components included in this complex are ingredients such as healing berries, vitamin E and extracts of Vitis vinifera as well as Rubus suavissimus leaves.

Another technologically innovative element found in this lotion is the Oil Sphere formula, which allows for differentiated deep skin penetration in three separate steps. First, water-soluble beauty ingredients rapidly penetrate the skin. Then, fresh fat-soluble beauty ingredients fill up the cells, and lastly, the micro-gel network coats the skin and protects the skin like a veil.

With regard to the overall product, Monde Selection’s experts particularly appreciated the following aspects outlined below:

– The product’s very sleek and understated-looking packaging
– Its character of moisturizing serum with optimized penetration
– The product’s focus on mitophagy and autophagy. Indeed, DUO treats the damage caused by external environmental stressors and restores the skin’s energy.

These are all qualities that led Monde Selection’s experts to nominate Duo’s the re-boost lotion as a candidate for this year’s Jury Prize.

"Each year, one product per category is awarded the Prize of the Jury as a token of excellence in know-how and quality. In order to qualify, the product must be unanimously selected as a “coup de cœur” by the jury members. The winner of the Prize of the Jury is then selected from a group of just 5 nominees, which makes this award an even greater honour for the recipient."

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