TruOmega 460+D

TruOmega 460 + D is a food supplement produced and sold by the Taiwanese company Real Promise Corporation. This supplement is very valuable because it provides both omega-3 and vitamin D, two nutrients that are beneficial in daily supplementation.

Firstly, omega-3s are essential for the maintenance of health and have various beneficial effects. They include ALA (essential), EPA and DHA. This product only contains EPA and DHA through the presence of fish oil. These fatty acids play an important role in the synthesis of derivative compounds involved in various functions (including cardiovascular health, blood clotting, inflammation, immune response, etc.).

The addition of vitamin E in the right quantity prevents the oxidation of lipids during the duration of the product storage, thus guaranteeing the preservation of the optimal quality of the fatty acids over time.

Vitamin D is often found to be lacking even from balanced diets, which means that supplementation is always useful. This is explained by the fact that vitamin D intake from food is low, and exposure to sunlight is often insufficient for endogenous production. Vitamin D plays a role in bone, muscle and immune health.

Among the qualities particularly appreciated by Monde Selection’s experts, it is worth emphasising the following qualities listed below:

  • The composition of the product is simple and focuses on these two ingredients only, thus placing the quality of the ingredients in the foreground. The omega-3s are provided in beneficial quantities and are well dosed in order to serve as a supplement for an average diet. The vitamin D intake is significant and represents about 250% of the average daily requirement (ADR)
  • The fact that the ingredients are proven to be effective and that their simplicity is a real asset
  • TruOmega460 + D thus allows for a minimalist supplementation representing the basic needs of the average population, with no superfluous or unnecessary additions.

For these reasons, Monde Selection’s experts awarded TruOmega 460+D the Grand Gold Quality Award and nominated it for the Jury Awards.

"Each year, one product per category is awarded the Prize of the Jury as a token of excellence in know-how and quality. In order to qualify, the product must be unanimously selected as a “coup de cœur” by the jury members. The winner of the Prize of the Jury is then selected from a group of just 5 nominees, which makes this award an even greater honour for the recipient."

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