This frozen roast beef is produced in Japan and presented inside a bag that is then further contained in a very elegant-looking gift box that includes an excellent accompanying sauce.

The appearance, flavour, aroma and texture contributed to the quality of the meat and naturally led the Monde Selection Jury to unanimously agree on conferring this product a Grand Gold Quality Award. Some of the evaluators also justifiably considered that, although excellent, the accompanying sauce was not essential to the tasting given that the product tasted as excellent as it did all on its own.

Visually speaking, the whole piece of roast beef has a pleasant caramelised appearance that is further enhanced by the nice presence of cracked black pepper. Once cut, the beef slices reveal a magnificent pinkish colour with a very nice marbling effect.

On the nose, the product is characterised by a very nice, discreetly spicy and very distinct meat aroma.

The quality of the meat together with the successfully accomplished cooking process make for a simply optimal level of tenderness despite the freezing and thawing process that it undergoes before consumption.

The flavour of the product is very similar to that of freshly roasted meat, with the added benefit of the delicious accompanying sauce– although, as mentioned above, the sauce is not absolutely necessary to enhance the pleasure of the tasting.

A piece of roast beef that makes a wonderful gift and which is the winner for this year’s Monde Selection Food Jury Prize!

"Each year, one product per category is awarded the Prize of the Jury as a token of excellence in know-how and quality. In order to qualify, the product must be unanimously selected as a “coup de cœur” by the jury members. The winner of the Prize of the Jury is then selected from a group of just 5 nominees, which makes this award an even greater honour for the recipient."

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