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Considered as the Apotheosis of the World Selections, this exclusive event welcomes producers from all over the world.
Companies are invited on stage to receive the awards, trophies and diploma’s their products have been granted.
More than 600 guests

On June 3rd 2019, more than 600 guests attended the 58th Annual Awards Ceremony of Monde Selection in Rome, Italy. During the ceremony, producers from all over the world were granted with the most highly respected international quality award in the consumer industries.

Gala Dinner at Villa Miani

After the ceremony, all guests were invited to a magnificient cocktail and gala dinner which took place at the Villa Miani, located high above the Eternal city of Rome boasting one of the most scenic views of the city.

414 Trophies granted in 2019

For the 58th International Quality Selections, Monde Selection was proud to grant 5 “25 Years International Trophy” and 28 “Crystal Prestige Trophies” to companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of their products over the years.