Get your eyelashes in tip-top shape

Developed by the Japanese company CSC Co, Ltd, Revive Lash is an eyelash serum whose formula combines a series of natural components that are well-known to effectively protect and maintain eyelashes while contributing to their growth.

The various components in the serum are carefully outlined from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view, while the functions of each and every ingredient are described in great detail. This formula is essentially composed of peptides and collagens, two molecules whose effectiveness has formerly been clearly demonstrated.

The Revive Lash formula also contains 5% of a very innovative ingredient known as “capixyl,” present at a high concentration level in comparison to market standards. Clinical tests on this particular ingredient have revealed a 46% effectiveness rate on hair density. In addition to stimulating eyelash growth, this market leading active ingredient also has no side effects to speak of.

All in all, a winning combination of components that contribute to a rich and potent formula whose key objectives involves the revitalisation, growth, and hydration of the eyelashes.

Boasting a classic yet user-friendly packaging, the product is expertly designed for convenience. The formula does not sting the eyes nor does it cause any unpleasant feeling of tightness. It also bears noting that clinical tests have been carried out on the skin tolerance of the formula.

When one adds to this the sober marketing strategy backed by a purely informative and science-based campaign, it is easy to understand why the Monde Selection jury chose to honour this product with a Gold Medal.

Symbole de l'excellence, le prix du Jury est attribué chaque année à un seul produit par catégorie qui a été élu à l'unanimité par les membres du jury comme un "coup de cœur". Le lauréat du prix du jury est soigneusement sélectionné parmi seulement 5 nominés, ce qui le rend encore plus gratifiant pour le producteur.

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