One of the best sakes in Japan

The Tabata Sake Brewery was founded in 1851. For over 160 years since that time, it has implemented the principle of "Teki teki zai shin," which is translated as "putting your heart and soul into that which is produced..."

This constant quest for quality is facilitated, among other things, by the cold winter months during which the company’s workers work day and night using their hands in order to produce some of the best sake in Japan.

Rashomon Star Sake ‘Ryuju’ was born out of a quest for an ultimate product. It is made with natural filtered water from the Kinokawa River, the company’s original yeast and, most importantly, Yamada Nishiki rice, which is specially grown in Toku A Chiku, in the Hyogo Prefecture, and is considered the best rice imaginable for the making of sake.

These precious ingredients are then transformed into Rashomon Star Sake “Ryuju” by the skilled hands of the brewers who dedicate every day of their working life to making the most perfect product possible.

The result is a product that is highly appreciated by experts everywhere. The comments made by some of the Monde Selection jury members attest to that:

The nose opens with a pure and fresh fruit aroma with some malty notes. Presenting a good intensity, the smell is harmonious and balanced. Pears, peaches, tropical fruits…are the words most often used to describe the perceived fruity aroma. The mouth opens with a good intensity, evoking the same fruity flavours as those perceived on the nose. A hint of bitterness is present towards the end of the mouth, giving the palate a certain freshness. The finish is long and pleasant.

With this set of praiseworthy qualities, it is no wonder that the product has been the happy recipient of the Grand Gold medal each year since 1991 when it first entered the Monde Selection Quality Awards. And this year is no exception, along with the Jury Prize 2021.