of the Jury

Symbol of Quality excellence.

This prize is granted each year to one product by category which has been unanimously elected by the Jury members as a “coup de coeur”. Created in 2016, the prize of the jury has already been of a big success for numerous producers!

The winners of the Prize of the Jury 2019 are:

Beers, Waters & Soft Drinks


Viloe -EverPro International Trading Co., Ltd
from China

Food Products

Gindara (Sablefish) with Saikyo Miso

Gindara (Sablefish) with Saikyo Miso -Ajino-Hamatoh Co., Ltd.
from Japan

Diet & Health Products

Yubei Lutein + DHA algaie oil Sofgels

Yubei Lutein + DHA algaie oil Sofgels -Uni-president Enterprises Corporation
from Taiwan

Cosmetic Products

Luteick Moisture Gel

Luteick Moisture Gel -Proteios Co., Ltd.
from Japan

Spirits & Liqueurs

Tiger Gin

Tiger Gin -Tiger Gin - The Shropshire Gin Company Ltd
from United Kingdom