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Food Products

Soon Brand Shirataki (White Yam Noodle Substitute)

Food Products Silver 2020



About the evaluation
of the product

Monde Selection distinguishes itself by being one of the only Quality Institute in the World to offer a global quality evaluation of Food products. A panel of independent experts take the time to analyse each product individually on a set of up to 25 parameters that cover sensory, scientific and legal aspects of importance to consumers.

The experts evaluate the sensory qualities of the product such as taste, aroma, texture, flavour, sensation in the mouth but also other very important parameters such as ingredients used, clarity of information on the packaging, user-friendliness, instruction sheets, etc. This methodology will guarantee a fair and global analysis of the product for the consumer.

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For the evaluation of food products, Monde Selection appoints eminent professionals such as Michelin starred chefs, Euro-Toques, members of the “ Académie Culinaire de France ” and other prestigious associations, internationally renowned pastry and chocolate makers, university professors, chemical engineers and nutrition consultants.

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Quality Labels

Products having obtained a final result of minimum 60% are awarded a Quality Label of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold by the Food Jury of Monde Selection. Our Quality Labels are a guarantee for consumers that the product has been highly appreciated and validated by an independent and professional jury.

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