Yakima Valley de San Miguel

The Yakima Valley is an IPA type beer created in Spain by the San Miguel brewery. It owes its name to the Yakima valley from which its hops derived. Located in the United States, this valley is very famous for the quality of the hops produced there.

The members of the Monde Selection jury have awarded it the Grand Gold Quality Award this year.

Visually speaking, this traditional India Pale Ale has an opalescent yellow color with a nice cloudiness.

The white foam generated by the beer when it is served is very fine and has a medium persistence.

The nose opens with a well marked range of scents with predominant notes of citrus and exotic fruit.

In the mouth, the beer immediately expresses a pleasantly dry bitterness that strikes the palate and makes this beverage an ideal thirst quencher even if, for an IPA, this bitterness remains relatively discreetly pronounced.

The finish does not offer any sort of pungency, which makes the beer extremely enjoyable to drink.

A set of qualities that, in addition to the Grand Gold Quality Award mentioned above, naturally led the tasters to nominate this Yakima Valley from San Miguel as one of the beers likely to win the Jury Prize in its category this year.

"A cada ano, um produto por categoria é premiado com o Prêmio do Júri como prova de excelência em know-how e qualidade. Para se qualificar, o produto deve ser escolhido por unanimidade como "coup de coeur" pelos membros do Júri. O vencedor do Prémio do Júri é então seleccionado de um grupo de apenas 5 nomeados, o que faz deste prémio uma honra ainda maior para o galardoado".

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