Prize of the Jury

Symbol of
Quality excellence.

This prize is granted each year to one product by category which has been unanimously elected by the Jury members as a “coup de coeur”. Created in 2016, the prize of the jury has already been of a big success for numerous producers!

The winners of the Prize of the Jury are:

  • 啤酒

    Schlappeseppel Edel-Doppelbock

    from Germany

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  • 白酒和烈酒

    Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky

    from India

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  • 营养膳食和健康类产品


    from China, People's Republic Of

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  • 食品类


    from Japan

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  • 化妆品

    17 Anti Aging Peptide Pure Essence

    from Taiwan, Republic Of China

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