1. Beers, Waters & Soft Drinks
    Mahou Barrica Bourbon

    A barrel-aged beer Mahou has taken its craft to new heights with the creation of Mahou Barrica Bourbon, an innovative addition to their esteemed lineup. The secret to this unique beer lies in the dedicated barrel cellar, where carefully selected woods and precise ageing periods impart a distinctive and unexpected taste. Mahou Barrica looks captivating…

  2. 증류주 및 리큐어
    Kiwami-Daiginjo Sakura-Muromachi, Muromachi Jidai

    An optimal and high-grade rice sake. The sake is bottled with a traditional cap and presented in a wooden box and carton, reflecting the product’s elegance and tradition. In terms of its visual appearance, the sake is limpid and colourless, indicative of its purity and high-quality production. On the nose, the product reveals a straightforward…

  3. 증류주 및 리큐어
    Tequila Hacienda de Tepa Reposado Cristalino

    Tequila Hacienda de Tepa Reposado Cristalino represents the pinnacle of traditional craftsmanship and modern refinement. The process begins with hand-selected and harvested agaves, which are carefully cooked and fermented to perfection. The result is a spirit that undergoes double distillation and aging to achieve a remarkably smooth flavour profile. Packaged in a transparent glass bottle…

  4. 증류주 및 리큐어

    Named after its place of origin,Takashiho Awamori Sake is a distinguished expression of Okinawa’s rich cultural heritage. This unique awamori sake is crafted to be enjoyed with food, enhancing rather than overpowering the dining experience. Packaged in a beautifully crafted glass bottle resting in an elegant carton, the product promises both aesthetic appeal and exceptional…

  5. 증류주 및 리큐어
    Single Grain Whisky Cask Strength-Sorghum Bourbon Cask

    A truly unique whisky from Taiwan The whisky’s visual appeal is undeniable, with a limpid, brilliant golden hue that promises depth and complexity. The nose is initially surprising, as it is dominated by the strong presence of sorghum, an unexpected element in whisky. However, the initial grain notes later dissipate, revealing pleasant and subtle spicy…

  6. 식품
    Premium Combo Gift Box

    A curated selection of individually wrapped gourmet treats, ensuring optimal freshness and quality. The sablé biscuits are a standout product in this gift box. The plain variety is impeccable and offers a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is truly delightful, the pistachio variety is visually appealing with well-distributed nuts and has a subtler pistachio flavour than expected….

  7. 식품
    Golden Sesame & Wasabi Dressing

    Sesame dressing with a delightful hint of wasabi The first thing you notice is its practical packaging designed for easy dosing, which ensures the perfect amount every time. Upon opening, the consistency of the dressing becomes immediately apparent, with golden sesame seeds beautifully suspended throughout. This visual appeal sets the stage for an extraordinary sensory…

  8. 식품
    100 Years Ham Belly Ham

    Pork belly ham Each piece of pork belly is meticulously rolled, bound with cotton thread and slowly aged using the traditional dry salting method. This process, whereby salt and spices are hand-rubbed, results in a luxurious, flavourful ham that is steam-heated to perfection. Visually, the 100 Years Belly Ham stands out with its beautifully rounded…

  9. 식품
    Yokohama Creamy Caramel Assorted Box (10 pieces)

    A sophisticated box featuring 10 creamy caramels in 10 distinct flavours. Visually, these caramels are a delight. Their appealing size and brilliant sheen promise a luxurious treat. Upon unwrapping, the fragrance is predominantly rich with dairy and caramel notes, each flavour maintaining its unique identity. The first taste reveals a masterful balance of butter and…