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Facial Serum

Electrovepo is an eco-friendly and sustainable moisturising mask

LALUCELL Mystic Light Cica Refreshing Hydrogel Mask

Created in Madeira in 1970, this was the first soft drink in the world to be made from pure passion fruit juice (Passiflora Edulis)…

Dr. Advice Botanical Oral Rinse

A Japanese version of the traditional cheesecake advertised as a Nagoya style baked cheese tart

Urar Creamy Bubble Wash

This serum aims to eliminate age lines and firm the skin.

Youth-Extending Probiotic Sunscreen

Daily Nutripack+ optimises the body’s functions when taken in parallel with a healthy lifestyle.

Hydration, toning and repair

Lightweight and easy to carry, “Propolis 3D perfect defense mist” can help replenish the skin’s moisture content and tonality anytime, anywhere.

The miracle of stem cells

Upon application, “Miracle 8” provides a pleasantly fresh sensation, quickly penetrates the skin, and leaves its skin feeling soft.

A complete skin treatment product

Several ingredients contribute to the vitality of the skin and give it a brighter and clearer appearance.

Complete tooth care

“Bresmile Toothpaste” contains five different types of active ingredients, each of them contributing to oral hygiene and care. As such, it is an all-round dental care product that can make teeth look brighter.