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Taiwan Makauy Superb Craft -Gin

On the nose, one immediately detects spicy aromas such as cloves as well as the phenolic notes that are typical of this type of German white beer…

A luxuriously packaged baijiu with exceptional flavour

The Sanvinga Black Gold 10 Years is made in keeping with the “9873” technology, which includes nine must boiling operations, eight fermentations, seven extractions and three high temperature operations.

A kaoliang of great and beautiful complexity

Beyond its exquisite presentation, which makes the liquor a luxurious gift, this bottle offers an unparalleled tasting pleasure that also made it highly popular with the Monde Selection jury.

One of the best sakes in Japan

Rashomon Star Sake ‘Ryuju’ was born out of a quest for an ultimate product. It is made with natural filtered water from the Kinokawa River, the company’s original yeast and, most importantly, Yamada Nishiki rice.

A very complex brandy with a great deal of flavour

Experience and tradition thus contribute to the production and sale of a product marked by great finesse that is characterised by notes of vanilla, cigar, spices and pine…

A fine and complex gin with a long finish

The composition of the product includes a series of hand-picked herbs and medicinal plants from the Indian tradition.

When rum reaches the height of its complexity

The rich and volcanic soils of the Philippines have fostered a nearly ancestral sugar cane farming tradition which far precedes that of the Caribbean.

A sublimely flavoured Baijiu of exceptional refinement

Its name is derived from Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yu Shan, which translates as the “Jade Mountain.”

A remarkable Sake in its most delicate form

Founded by Shozaburo Miyazaki in 1846, the Miyazaki Honten company enjoys a longstanding tradition in the production of sake, shochu, and mirin.