Monthly Archives: June, 2021

A very good non-alcoholic IPA

As its name rightly suggests, “Just the Haze” resembles many other contemporary IPAs, the only difference being that this one does not contain any alcohol which would limit its consumption.

Superior and high-end quality crisps

The potato slices are cooked exclusively in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from a local cooperative (Almazaras de la Subbética) that has won several awards for the quality of its products.

Dried persimmons with as pleasant a texture as a taste!

Covered in a curious-looking whitish veil that is in fact a completely natural result of the drying process, the Ichidakaki fully manifests all its flavour and texture qualities when tasted.

A luxuriously packaged baijiu with exceptional flavour

The Sanvinga Black Gold 10 Years is made in keeping with the “9873” technology, which includes nine must boiling operations, eight fermentations, seven extractions and three high temperature operations.

All the aromatic complexity of Shiranui

Once cut in half so as not to extract the bitter taste of the skin, which is very astringent, the citrus fruits are gently squeezed to produce a 100% natural juice without any additives— the very same juice that is marketed by the company.

Hydration, toning and repair

Lightweight and easy to carry, “Propolis 3D perfect defense mist” can help replenish the skin’s moisture content and tonality anytime, anywhere.

Protein supplementation

In order to meet this objective, the product is solely made up of bio-fermented yellow pea protein isolate, which serves as an alternative to animal-based protein powders.

A kaoliang of great and beautiful complexity

Beyond its exquisite presentation, which makes the liquor a luxurious gift, this bottle offers an unparalleled tasting pleasure that also made it highly popular with the Monde Selection jury.

The miracle of stem cells

Upon application, “Miracle 8” provides a pleasantly fresh sensation, quickly penetrates the skin, and leaves its skin feeling soft.