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Patented probiotics and enzymes

This super-premium vodka is made from exceptionally pure water extracted from the Kirvi volcanic mountain that emerges in the Faroe Islands.

Flavon Immune

Highly appealing whisky with a powerful but non-aggressive attack and marked by beautiful spicy notes.

IODEX – 100% Natural Iodine Concentrate

Circulo Tequila is called “reposado” because it is aged in new American white oak barrels.

Suntab Vitamin C+D+Zinc Effervescent Tablet

Ympression linden honey comes from North-East China and is produced in an entirely natural manner without the use of any additives.

PURE – 65% Rtg Form Top Algae Oil + Lutein

An innovative reboosting lotion that is specially designed to correct skin damage caused by external aggressors

Suplementos proteicos

In order to meet this objective, the product is solely made up of bio-fermented yellow pea protein isolate, which serves as an alternative to animal-based protein powders.

A set of interesting antioxidant properties

The daily dose – as per the recommendation provided on the label – is considered substantial with regard to the doses that were studied, particularly in the context of immunity and fatigue.

Prevention of constipation…

To achieve this objective, the supplement contains partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG) as the main active ingredient.

Against the accumulation of body fat

The consumption of water and fibre simultaneously ensures that the latter has a positive effect on intestinal function.