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Piel hidratada con colágeno... ¡de medusa!

Jellyfish collagen is an excellent anti-ageing active ingredient. The raw collagen found in the jellyfish is what ensures this sea creature’s density, resistance, and elasticity.

Omega 3-6-9 for an optimal lipid profile

The Omega 3-6-9 is recognised as a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids with a remarkable lipid profile that can be easily integrated into a balanced diet.

Balsamic vinegar in its most decadent manifestation

Concocted only with grape must derived exclusively from the red Lambrusco and white Trebbiano grape varieties, this sumptuous vinegar is aged for a minimum of 12 years.

El sabor insuperablemente refrescante de una cerveza de trigo suprema 

Like all beers produced by this brewery, the Waldhaus Schwarzwald Weisse is brewed using 100% renewable energy sources (a hydroelectric dam* and photovoltaic panels).

Cuando el ron alcanza su máxima expresión

The rich and volcanic soils of the Philippines have fostered a nearly ancestral sugar cane farming tradition which far precedes that of the Caribbean.

Get your eyelashes in tip-top shape

Revive Lash is an eyelash serum whose formula combines a series of natural components that are well-known to effectively protect and maintain eyelashes.

Protege la densidad ósea femenina

Female bone density increases by increments until around age 30, when bones reach their maximum mineral density. Past that age, bone mass begins to gradually decline.

La mezcla ideal entre cremoso y crujiente

Crafted in keeping with the long-time Japanese tradition for making the best Baum Kuchen (spit cake), the Queens Brûlée is a specialty of Nishimoto Ltd., a company located in the Kouchi prefecture countryside.

Cuando lo que predomina es el sabor puro de la fruta

Founded in 1952, the Nankaikako Co.,Ltd. company specialises in canning fruit, vegetable, and juice. The company produces, among other things, an exquisitely refreshing Ume-based drink.