Archivos mensuales: Junio, 2020

A sublimely flavoured Baijiu of exceptional refinement

Its name is derived from Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yu Shan, which translates as the “Jade Mountain.”

Combate las bolsas, las ojeras y el párpado caído

Lavinia is a skin care line based on plant stem cells derived from two varieties of seaside plants, namely sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum) and dune thistle (Eryngium maritimum).

A food supplement designed ‘‘especially for your eyes’’

In a world rife with the modern trappings of technology at every turn, our eyes struggle to withstand the visual stress we inflict upon them every day.

Special dried fruit and nut mix for ‘‘young mothers’’

Daily Nuts for Super Moms is a delightful nut and dried fruit mix designed for young mothers between 25 and 35 years of age.

100% freshly squeezed orange juice right off the tree

Don Simon 100% squeezed orange juice undergoes a meticulous preparation process which guarantees the preservation of its refreshing organoleptic properties.

A remarkable Sake in its most delicate form

Founded by Shozaburo Miyazaki in 1846, the Miyazaki Honten company enjoys a longstanding tradition in the production of sake, shochu, and mirin.

Ilumina e hidrata el contorno de ojos

The fine and fragile skin around the eyes is one of the first areas to show the signs aging, which makes it the topic of primary concern for women seeking anti-aging measures.

A celebration of goat milk with all its virtues

This nutrient-dense milk is a valuable addition to any balanced diet and deserves to occupy a more central role in consumers’ lives.

Ultimate conger eel sushi sure to charm all palates

Anago-Bo-Zushi is a true Japanese bestseller served up in all restaurants managed by Ganko Food Service Co., Ltd.