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Diet & Health Products


Monde Selection, International Institute for Quality Selections, has been developing for more than 50 years now a unique expertise to test and analyse consumer goods from all over the world to grant them an internationally renowned quality award.

Thanks to this quality label, instantly recognisable with our logo, the consumer will be assured that the product he intends to buy has been tested and approved by a totally independent scientific jury.

It is indeed quite difficult for a consumer to judge the quality of a product based on the sole information of its packaging.

For Diet and Health products, Monde Selection gives independent experts such as nutrition consultants, university lecturers and chemical engineers the responsibility of evaluating the following main parameters: (More)

  • Is the information towards the consumer complete? (List of ingredients, nutritional values, active ingredients, usage notice, recommended dosage, required conditions of use…)
  • Are the intrinsic qualities announced by the producer scientifically correct and does the product contain enough active elements to have the announced effect?

To achieve this mission, Monde Selection will also refer to official regulations like the European legislation on dietary supplements and labelling or to the famous American "Food and Drug Administration".

Monde Selection’s mission is not to replace the Ministry of Health which is the only responsible to decide the commercialisation of a product.

For each product, scientists will fill in individual evaluation forms. (More)

Then, scores are added up and averaged to a final result and rewarded with a bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality award. (More)

Such a quality label, which can be displayed on the awarded product, represents a perfect marketing and advertising tool. It also means an indisputable guarantee of quality to the consumer.  (More)

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