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our mission

Certifying the Quality of Products

For over 60 years, Monde Selection has acquired unique experience in evaluating the quality of products from all continents.

Our Approach

Monde Selection prides itself on being the only Quality Institute that offers a genuine and comprehensive evaluation of consumer products.

The Experts

In order to provide an objective and fair judgment, Monde Selection collaborates with the most qualified experts in their field.


Monde Selection’s Quality Award are the ultimate recognition that guides consumers and buyers who seek the best.

Quality Labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

About the Evaluations

360°Quality approach

Monde Selection offers a truly comprehensive quality evaluation. To achieve this, it relies on a two-fold assessment: sensory and scientific. Each product is evaluated on a set of very precise criteria. Depending on the product and expectations, these can be solely organoleptic or a combination of organoleptic and scientific criteria.

Sensory evaluation

Monde Selection’s tasting sessions are based on organoleptic parameters applicable to each product, such as visual appearance, odour, taste, aftertaste, mouthfeel and its overall appreciation.

Scientific analysis

To complete the quality evaluation of a product, the jury may request specific scientific analysis related to the type of product.

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Awarded Products in 2024

The numerous companies and producers that submit their products to our jury year after year testifies to the seriousness and efficiency of our awards, as well as to the loyalty and satisfaction of our applicants.

Monde Selection’s Food jury is composed of eminent professionals such as Michelin-starred chefs, members of the Mastercooks of Belgium and other prestigious associations, internationally renowned pastry and chocolate makers, university professors, chemical engineers and nutrition consultants.

The Jury appointed by Monde Selection for beers is exclusively composed of zythologists and flavour technologists. All are qualified professionals carefully chosen for their skills and integrity.

The Jury appointed by Monde Selection is exclusively composed of water sommeliers and flavour technologists specialised in the field. For the sensory evaluation of waters and soft-drinks, Monde Selection has developed a close collaboration with Doemens Academy, Germany.

Monde Selection’s Spirits & Liqueurs jury is composed of internationally recognised oenologists, master sommeliers, oenology professors, chemical engineers and specialised press columnists.

The assessments of diet and health products are carried out by a jury of experts composed of nutritionists, health consultants, chemists, engineers, and university teachers with extensive experience in the field.

For the evaluation of Cosmetic products, Monde Selection collaborates with a college of highly qualified independent experts such as university lecturers, chemical engineers and cosmetic specialists.


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