Monde Selection

Certify the nutritional benefits of your products.

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Quality labels

Monde Selection awards quality labels to products that are outstanding in terms of the different evaluation criteria.

The final result is calculated on the basis of the average points given by the different jury members.

Each product having met the expectations of the juries can display the label on its packaging and media support for a period of 3 years without any additional costs.


This label support your company to demonstrate that the quality of your product has been highly appreciated and recognized in an independent and professional manner.

Grand Gold

Final result between 90% and 100%


Final result between 80% and 89%


Final result between 70% and 79%


Final result between 60% and 69%

The Prestigious Trophies

In addition to the Quality Awards, Monde Selection rewards the effort of companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of their products over several years by granting them special trophies.
The “International High Quality Trophy”

is given to products that have been granted Gold or Grand Gold Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Products Awarded
The “Crystal Prestige Trophy”

granted to companies that have been awarded for 10 consecutive years.

Companies Awarded
The “25 Years Trophy”

granted to companies that have been awarded for 25 consecutive years.

Companies Awarded
The “Emerald Prestige Trophy”

granted to companies that have been awarded for 40 consecutive years.

Companies Awarded

of the Jury

Symbol of excellence, this prestigious prize is granted each year to one product by category which has been unanimously elected by the Jury members as a ”coup de cœur”.

The winner of the prize of the jury is carefully selected in a very short list of 5 nominees which makes it even more rewarding for the producer.

This trophy is officially announced during the Annual Awards Ceremony creating an additional moment of fame!


Nominated companies