80 Experts

In order to provide an objective and fair judgment, Monde Selection collaborates with thе most qualified experts in their field.

Based on their years of worldwide experience, they are able to judge and reward your product for its exact value.

Each year more than 80 eminent independent experts are appointed for the evaluation sessions. These are all professionals such as:

Food Products

The food jury is composed of eminent professionals such as

  • Michelin-starred chefs
  • Members of the Mastercooks of Belgium
  • Members of Euro-Toques
  • Internationally renowned pastry chefs
  • Chocolate makers
  • University professors
  • Gastronomic columnists

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The Jury appointed by Monde Selection for beverages is composed of:

  • Master brewers
  • Oenologists
  • Water sommeliers
  • Zythologists
  • Experts in food science and biotechnology
  • Chemical engineers
  • Experts in brewing science and fermentation technology
  • Master sommeliers

Diet and Health

The assessments of Diet & Health products are carried out by a jury composed of:

  • Nutrition experts
  • Accredited dietitians
  • Chemists and engineers
  • Laboratory operators
  • Research Scientists
  • Health consultants

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Monde Selection collaborates with a college of highly qualified independent experts such as:

  • Cosmetic specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Dermatologists
  • Research Scientists
  • Chemists and engineers
  • Laboratory operators

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Laboratories & Partners

To ensure the comprehensive evaluation of your product, the judges can also count on the support of several officially approved laboratories which will proceed to the scientific analysis if needed. These can be microbiological analyses, chemical analyses, nutritional analyses, etc. Over the past years, we have partnered with ECCA, Brucefo, Institut Meurice, Vivaqua, etc.

The Experts Commitment

Integrity and expertise

Monde Selection guarantees a dedicated and fair evaluation thanks to its evaluation process and by appointing only experts with years of international experience and strong objective knowledge in their respective fields.


Each product is evaluated for its compliance with international standards such as ISO norms, legal prescriptions, and industry guidelines. The methods are inspired by European Directives and Regulations. The judges are permanently kept informed of the evolution of scientific research and legislations. To carry out the evaluation, they refer to official regulations on ingredients, labelling and instructions for use.

Quality labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

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