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Waters & Soft Drinks

Evaluation process

Monde Selection aims to deliver the most impartial and independent evaluation. The quality of each product is evaluated by a panel independent and renowned experts according to a very precise methodology and criteria.

To guarantee an objective assessment, our jury members fill in, in a strict independent way, the evaluation forms which include up to 25 parameters to establish the quality profile of the product. Each product category has its own evaluation form with specific quality criteria weighted according to the evolution of the consumer’s expectations and the recommendations of the scientific board of Monde Selection.

To offer a more objective view of each product, the water and soft drinks are not subject to a blind evaluation. The experts receive a complete presentation of the product, including origin, composition and any particularities in order to have a global understanding of the product before starting the individual evaluation.

After validating their individual results, the members of the jury share their knowledge and opinions to unanimously validate the final result.

Up to 25 evaluation criteria
  • Visual Aspect

    [Waters] Clarity and brilliance.
    [Soft-drinks] Colour, saturation and clearness.

  • Odour

    [Waters] Cleanliness and purity.
    [Soft-drinks] Bouquet (set of olfactory notes), complexity, harmony.

  • Taste – Aftertaste

    [Waters] Harmony, intensity, residual taste, level of carbonation, etc.
    [Soft-drinks] Sweetness, acidity, bitterness, fruitiness, etc.

  • Mouthfeel

    The softness, carbonation feeling if applicable, freshness, refreshing sensation, etc.

  • Packaging

    Label information, protection of the product, materials used, ease of use, etc.

  • Scientific Evaluation

    Correspondence between the legislation and the laboratory analysis, honest and trustworthy labelling claims.

Quality Criteria

The evaluation process starts with the organoleptic evaluation that will assess the product’s aspect, odour, taste, aftertaste, mouthfeel and many other criteria.

For waters, the evaluations also rely on laboratory analysis conducted by Vivaqua, a Belgian public company specialised in water supply and quality monitoring. The main criteria of analysis are anions and cations concentration, mineral composition, pH, etc…

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Jury Experts

The Jury appointed by Monde Selection is exclusively composed of water sommeliers and flavour technologists specialised in the field.

For the sensory evaluation of waters and soft-drinks, Monde Selection has developped a close collaboration with Doemens Academy, Germany.

Doemens Academy is an internationnally recognised institute specialized in the mineral water, spring water and soft drinks sensory assessment.

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Quality Labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

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A Monde Selection Award displayed on your packaging is a strong and powerful message towards consumers: it guarantees that your product has been tasted, tested and approved by an independent jury panel of experts.

Each awarded product benefits from guaranteed visibility thanks to a Monde Selection label that can be used on packaging and in advertising campaigns for a period of 3 years without any additional licence cost.

Professional independent quality evaluation
Diploma, award and invitation to the ceremony
3 years license to use Quality Award label
Press Release
A professional report on your quality
Results kit
Product quality profile
Online presentation

Awarded Waters and Soft-Drinks in 2024


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