What do I get?

What do I get when I subscribe?

  • A 360° Quality evaluation
  • A quality award to display on your product and communication (if >60% of the points)
  • The feedback result on the main parameters
  • A diploma & medal
  • Invitation to the ceremony for products awarded with a Gold or Grand Gold Quality Award
  • A chance to win the Prize of the Jury
  • Eligibility for product and company quality trophies

If I pay I am certain to get an award?

No. Your product will get an Award if it obtains more than 60% at the evaluation by an independent jury of experts. Our impartiality and seriousness are the foundation of the credibility of our awards

What is the chance to get a Gold Quality Award?

Gold means that the product is of high quality in every aspects evaluated (result of >80%). It is not a competition, like for hotels and restaurants stars, each product receive the award it deserves.


When is my registration approved?

You will receive the confirmation of your participation with the invoice by email within the next 2 business days after the reception of your documents. Your participation will become valid at the time of your payment reception.

What are the official deadlines?

The deadlines vary according to the type of product. These can be consulted here. If the official deadlines have passed and you wish to know if you may still enter your product, please contact us.

Shipment and Samples

How to ship my samples?

Please find here a guide in order to assist you with the shipment of your samples. This document includes all information you need to know about the shipping quantities, deadlines, address and terms.

Download the “Shipping instructions”

How many samples do I need to ship?

The number of samples vary according to the product category and is as follows:

Food8 samples (5 samples if capacity is > 250 g or ml) 16 pieces for biscuits and confectionery products individually soldNovember 2023
Beers8 samples (5 samples if capacity is >1 liter)December 2023
Waters & Drinks8 samples (5 samples if capacity is >1 liter)December 2023
Spirits & Liqueurs4 samples (8 samples if capacity is < 700 ml)December 2023
Diet & Health4 samplesNovember 2023
Cosmetics4 samplesNovember 2023

Your samples are to be shipped to Monde Selection office in Belgium:

Chaussée de Tubize 242
1440 Wauthier-Braine, BELGIUM

Phone: +32 2 346 75 57

Where do I have to ship my samples?

Your samples are to be shipped to Monde Selection office in Belgium: MONDE SELECTION Chaussée de Tubize 242 1440 Wauthier-Braine BELGIUM Phone: +32.2.346.75.57 [email protected]

Additional information

Make sure your samples are correctly wrapped in order to avoid any damage during the transport. Your samples are to be shipped DDP (Delivered Duty Paid = all costs paid by shipper) directly to our office address. We highly recommend you to send your package(s) by an express delivery service such as DHL, EMS, UPS, DPD, TNT or FedEx. As Monde Selection is not responsible for import/duty fees, kindly ask your transporter to handle the clearance of your products. Please do not forget the following points when sending the parcel(s):

  • Join a proforma invoice (with a small amount) for the custom clearance of your samples
  • Join a copy of the first page of your entry form (company details) with your samples
  • Send a copy of the air waybill (AWB) and the pro forma invoice by email.

Results & Ceremony

When are the results announced?

For the World Quality Selections, all the results are sent by e-mail during the month of April. The results of the international Wine Contest will be announced early May.

How to receive my awards and diploma?

The Award (and or Trophies), diplomas will be handed over during the Award Ceremony. If you are unable to attend the ceremony, the awards and diploma of results will be sent by post in the middle of June.

When and where will the ceremony be organised?

The Annual Awards Ceremony is organised each year in a major European city at the end of May, beginning of June.

Use of the award

Is there a license cost to use the Award images?

No. The award image can be used without any additional cost for a period of 3 years from the year of attribution.

What is the validity of the Award?

The award/ trophy can be used and printed on product packaging for a period of 3 years from the date of reception of the result notification. The use of the award/trophy on marketing tools (paper, video, internet,…) is not limited in time as long as the product name, the year and type of the award are mentioned and clearly identifiable by all consumers.

How to use the award correctly?

Please consult the Corporate Identity Guidelines for the correct use of the Award/trophy images.  

Payment and invoice

The entry fee is to be paid by bank transfer.

What are the bank details?

IBAN (Account Number):BE13 3100 4930 0439
Beneficiary’s name:MONDE SELECTION sprl
Bank’s name:ING
Bank’s branch:Rhode-St-Genèse
Bank’s address:Avenue de la Forêt de Soignes 371 1640 Rhode-St-Genèse Belgium

*Do not forget to mention to your bank that all bank charges are the customer’s expense

Can I pay by credit card?

Should you wish to pay it by credit card, please send us an email to obtain a specific link.