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The International Quality Institute was founded in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

In over 60 years, the International Quality Institute acquired a unique expertise in evaluating the quality of the culinary, health and beauty culture all over the world. Through the judgment of our international and renown experts we highlight the quality of consumer products with unique quality labels.



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Quality Evaluations

Monde Selection distinguishes itself by being one of the only Quality Institute that offers a genuine and comprehensive evaluation of consumer products. Every year, hundreds of evaluation sessions are organized during which the juries take the time to taste and analyse each product individually without comparing one to another. Our long expertise covers the certification of food, spirits, beverages, diet & health and cosmetic products.

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Jury Experts

Monde Selection brings together more than 80 internationally renowned experts, who judge according to their specialisation a precise product category.

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Quality labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

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Monde Selection is not like other contests or competitions. Each product is not compared with other products in its category.




A new witness of Quality

On 1 January 1961 there appears on the Register of Commerce of Brussels a commercial establishment under the name «Europe-Selection» whose goals are the «selection by chemical and bacteriological analysis, organoleptic examination and presentation of manufactured or not food, textile, metallurgical, steel-manufacturing and other goods».




Even more International

In 1971 Monde Selection celebrates with satisfaction its tenth year of existence.
Just like Europe which grows over this decade and opens up to Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom, thus increasing the number of member states to nine, Monde Selection
welcomes each and every year more and more partners. During this period, the number of participating states in the World Quality Selections soars from 28 to 58.




Passing of the torch

Twenty years after its creation, Monde Selection has solidified its credibility and found in Georges de Bruyn a new leader. The new president takes on a vice-president, Mr Pierre van Lier, a Permanent Organising Committee composed of different key figures, engineers, doctors of science and university professors, while continuing to call upon laboratories, institutes, trial or analysis stations in the organising country.
By 1981, more than 1,300 companies and 6,800 products have called upon the services of Monde Selection since its foundation.




An improvement of Quality and a new Medal

Quality moreover evolves, so much so that in 1983 a fourth prize is introduced, superior to all the others, the “Gold Medal with Palms”. Such an award must score 90% of the votes, the gold medal 80% of points, the silver 70%, and the bronze 60%.



The 90's

The awakening of China

At the end of the 1980s, Monde Selection extends a little more into Asia. Japan has already been a privileged partner since the very beginning of the Institute. The newcomer is none
other one than the People’s Republic of China, which gradually opens up to international trade. It’s above all the producers of beer, wine and alcohol who will submit their products to
the evaluations of the Institute, which registers in 1993 no less than 204 Chinese products.



The 2000's

The Golden Decade

The turn of the millennium commences with a series of major challenges which concern both man, his well-being and his environment.
The different food crises created in consumers an awareness of quality control of consumer goods, thus favouring the emergence of ever more labels and driving the producer to improve
production methods and, generally, quality.


Countries represented in 2023
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  • have been awarded for their high level of quality during these World Selections 2023.


  • were tasted and tested by the professional jury of Monde Selection in 2023.


  • Our experts yearly judge the quality of products that come from almost 90 countries


  • Over 80 experts taste and test the quality of your products every year.


  • In 2023, Monde Selection organised its 62nd edition of the World Quality Awards.



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