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Cosmetic Products

Evaluation approach

Monde Selection aims to deliver the most impartial and independent evaluation. The quality of each cosmetic product is evaluated by a panel of independent and renowned experts according to a very precise methodology and criteria.

Monde Selection distinguishes itself by being the only Quality Institute that offers a global evaluation of cosmetic products.

Indeed, the evaluation procedure takes into account not only sensory qualities such as the ease of use, the product appearance, the smell, the texture, or any other relevant sensorial criteria but also other important parameters such as the formulation, clarity of the label and packaging, safety of the composition, technology and innovation of the product, etc. This methodology guarantees therefore a unique 360° quality assessment of your product.

Monde Selection’s cosmetic jury takes time to be constantly up to date with new scientific studies, technologies and trends at the international level. They are also carefully evaluating each product individually without comparing it to another.

For every type of product, the analysis is based on two main axes :

Evaluation criteria
  • Formulation

    Evaluation of product formulation and technology, in relation to homogeneity, stability or other crucial parameters.

  • Ingredients

    The quality of the ingredients and their skin tolerance, toxicological safety, origin, innovation of the composition, etc.

  • Sensory analysis

    The product external appearance, smell, texture, spreadability, softness, greasiness, film residue, afterfeel, etc.

  • Efficiency

    Based on the properties and doses studied for each ingredient (review of available scientific evidence and publications from international instances).

  • Packaging & Label

    Aesthetic and technological aspects of the label, and its regulatory requirements.

Consumer information analysis

Monde Selection attaches great importance to the packaging, as it is what consumers see first. As such, it plays a big role in the process of choosing and purchasing a product. The label helps consumers to make a conscious decision, by providing all the information needed to use the product wisely.

Monde Selection believes that transparent and complete communication to consumers is one of the first markers of quality. The criteria evaluated mainly focus on 3 points: the claims, the mention of the active substances and the ingredients.

Scientific evidence

Monde Selection has developed rigorous methodologies for the scientific analysis of cosmetics. This includes analysis by a Scientific Committee made up of many professionals from the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and medical fields, but also by independent laboratories recognised in Europe.

Our Scientific Committee closely follows the evolution of international legal requirements, trends in the cosmetics industry, emerging consumer expectations, opinions from professional organisations and international scientific data publications on active substances.

This part of the evaluation includes the verification of scientific claims, the analysis of the active substances and potential side effects of the product.

Jury Experts

The assessments of cosmetic products are carried out by independent experts with a strong experience in the field.

Monde Selection collaborates with a college of highly qualified independent experts such as university lecturers, chemical engineers and cosmetic specialists.

The judges are constantly informed about the evolution of scientific research and legislation on cosmetics.

To carry out the evaluation, they refer to the official cosmetic regulations, in particular the European Directives on ingredients, labelling and instructions for use.

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Quality Labels

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A Monde Selection Award displayed on your packaging is a strong and powerful message towards consumers: it guarantees that your product has been tasted, tested and approved by an independent jury panel of experts.

Each awarded product benefits from guaranteed visibility thanks to a Monde Selection label that can be used on packaging and in advertising campaigns for a period of 3 years without any additional licence cost.

Professional independent quality evaluation
Diploma, award and invitation to the ceremony
3 years license to use Quality Award label
Press Release
Results kit
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