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Spirits & Liqueurs

Evaluation process

Monde Selection aims to deliver the most impartial and independent evaluation. The quality of each product is evaluated by a panel of independent and renowned experts according to a very precise methodology and criteria.

To guarantee an objective judgment, our jury members fill in, in a strict independent way, the evaluation forms which include up to 30 parameters to establish the quality profile of the product. Each product category has its own evaluation form with specific quality criteria weighted according to the evolution of the consumer’s expectations and the recommendations of the scientific board of Monde Selection.

The evaluation goes far beyond regular tastings. Prior to the evaluation, each product’s information is analysed to be presented to the jury precisely for what it claims to be. Monde Selection’s Spirits & Liqueurs jury also takes time to share their knowledge and experiences meanwhile carefully evaluating each product individually.
The evaluation sessions are taking place during a period of four months where each sample is evaluated by experts as a whole and is not compared to another.

Up to 30 evaluation criteria
  • Visual Aspect

    The product presentation, colour, lightness, clarity, transparency, etc.

  • Odour

    The bouquet (set of olfactory notes), cleanliness, intensity, duration & development, complexity, harmony, odours, off-notes, finesse, etc.

  • Taste

    The typicity, harmony, complexity, aromas, bitterness, sweetness, acidity, etc.

  • Packaging

    The design of the packaging and label information, the protection of the product, the materials used, the ease of use, etc.

  • Global Judgement

    The jury’s overall impression and any comments or observations they found necessary to communicate to the producer

Organoleptic Criteria

The evaluation procedure is mainly based on organoleptic evaluation. Before each tasting session, the experts receive a technical sheet that explains the geographic origin of the product, the ingredients used, the level of alcohol, the production methods used and all other useful information to correctly evaluate the intrinsic quality of the product and its typical features. The packaging, through the information it contains and its user-friendliness, is also an evaluation parameter taken into account during the evaluation process. test

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The Spirits experts

Monde Selection’s Spirits & Liqueurs jury is composed of internationally recognised oenologists, master sommeliers, oenology professors, chemical engineers and specialised press columnists. All are qualified professionals carefully chosen for their skills and integrity.

The Jury experts are selected with great care for their skills and are specialised in one or several spirits or liqueurs such as aguardiente, cognac, gin, kaoliang, makgeolli, rum, sake, vodka, whisky, etc.

The experience of the Jury, including some members that have been working for Monde Selection for over 25 years, is certainly the best guarantee of a good and fair assessment of the quality of your product.

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Quality Labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

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A Monde Selection Award displayed on your packaging is a strong and powerful message towards consumers: it guarantees that your product has been tasted, tested and approved by an independent jury panel of experts.

Each awarded product benefits from guaranteed visibility thanks to a Monde Selection label that can be used on packaging and in advertising campaigns for a period of 3 years without any additional licence cost.

Professional independent quality evaluation
Diploma, award and invitation to the ceremony
3 years license to use Quality Award label
Press Release
A professional report on your quality
Results kit
Product quality profile
Online presentation

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