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Food Products

Evaluation process

Monde Selection aims to deliver the most impartial and independent evaluation.
The evaluation procedure takes into account not only sensory qualities such as taste, aroma, texture, flavour, sensation in the mouth or any other relevant organoleptic criteria, but also other important parameters for the consumer such as ingredients used, clarity of information about the composition of the product, packaging, user-friendliness for preparations, instruction sheets, etc. This methodology guarantees a fair and global analysis for the consumer.

The evaluation goes far beyond regular tastings. Prior to the evaluation, each product’s information is analysed to be presented to the jury precisely for what it claims to be. Monde Selection’s food jury also takes time to share their knowledge and experiences while carefully evaluating each product individually without comparing it to another.

The evaluation sessions take place over a period of four months during which our juries taste a limited number of 25 products per day to preserve the experts’ palate and taste perception.

Up to 25 evaluation criteria
  • Visual Aspect

    The product presentation, colour, lightness, saturation, shape, size, structure, brilliance, density, aeration, etc.

  • Odour

    The bouquet (set of olfactory notes), complexity, harmony, intensity, odours (fruity, vegetal, marine, milky,…), off-notes, finesse, etc.

  • Taste

    The typicity, harmony, complexity, aromas, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, acidity, umami, etc.

  • Aftertaste

    The taste persistence in mouth, the intensity of aromas and residual taste, etc.

  • Texture & Mouthfeel

    The product granularity, hardness, moisture, dryness, fracturability, cohesiveness, chewiness, viscosity, elasticity, etc.

  • Packaging

    The design of the packaging and label information, the protection of the product, the materials used, the ease of use, etc.

Organoleptic Criteria

The evaluation of the product takes into account the instrinsic quality of the product according to international standards such as ISO Norms (5492:2008), legal prescriptions and industry guidelines.

The evaluation forms include up to 25 parameters that vary depending on the type of product.

Additional support or verification of certain elements through laboratory analysis may also be requested by the experts if necessary.

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The Food experts

The jury appointed by Monde Selection is exclusively composed of eminent professionals such as Michelin-starred chefs, members of the Mastercooks of Belgium and other prestigious associations, internationally renowned pastry and chocolate makers, university professors, chemical engineers and nutrition consultants.

All are qualified professionals carefully chosen for their skills and integrity.

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Quality Labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

More Information

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A Monde Selection Award displayed on your packaging is a strong and powerful message towards consumers: it guarantees that your product has been tasted, tested and approved by an independent jury panel of experts.

Each awarded product benefits from guaranteed visibility thanks to a Monde Selection label that can be used on packaging and in advertising campaigns for a period of 3 years without any additional licence cost.

Professional independent quality evaluation
Diploma, award and invitation to the ceremony
3 years license to use Quality Award label
Press Release
A professional report on your quality
Results kit
Product quality profile
Online presentation

Awarded Food products in 2024


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