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Diet & Health Products

Evaluation Approach

Monde Selection aims to deliver the most impartial and independent evaluation. The quality of each diet and health product is evaluated by a panel of independent and renowned experts according to a very precise methodology and criteria. The scientific experts appointed by Monde Selection take the utmost care to fairly evaluate the quality of each product as a whole and not compare it to another.

Monde Selection’s scientific committee attentively examines the list of ingredients, nutritional information, assertions concerning nutrition and health, description of the properties of active substances which are highlighted and the set of instructions. Laboratory analyses may be carried out to complete the evaluation.

The mission of our scientific committee is also to verify the correspondence between the claims and product’s purpose(s) put forward in the communication, and its real effectiveness based on the available scientific data. The intrinsic qualities (nutritional, biochemical, bacteriological, etc.) of the product are therefore not the only ones to be evaluated. The manner in which the producer communicates with the consumer is equally highly important.

For every type of product, the analysis is therefore based on two main axes :

Evaluation criteria
  • Communication to consumers

    Purpose and target of the product, precautionary statements, instructions for use, etc.

  • Communication of composition

    Transparency regarding the quantities of active ingredients and substances.

  • Effectiveness & relevance

    Effectiveness assessment based on the available scientific literature and the publications of internationally recognised authorities and expert groups.

  • Quantity of active substances

    Evaluation based on clinically relevant doses from scientific research, as well as international guidelines related to dietetics, nutrition and health.

  • Absence of adverse effect

    Assessment of the product’s short and long-term safety and overall health impact.

Consumer information analysis

For each product submitted, Monde Selection’s scientific committee reviews the information on the packaging and advertising materials.

All consumer-oriented communication is examined, including the list of ingredients, quantities of active substances, health and nutrition claims, as well as instructions for use and prevention statements.

When analysing the product’s labelling, our scientific experts also rely on national and international food legislation such as the European food regulations and directives, the Japanese Food Labelling Act, and the national standards for food labelling of the People’s Rebublic of China, among others.

Scientific evidence

Product evaluation is based on the available scientific literature from recognised health organisations.

All claims made on the product label should be appropriate and supported by sufficient evidence in relation to the ingredients, the intended purpose and the target group.

When applicable, laboratory and/or sensory analyses are carried out to complete the overall assessment. The intrinsic qualities (chemical, bacteriological, organoleptic) of the product may be part of the evaluation, depending on its type and composition. In this respect, Monde Selection observes international standards such as ISO norms.

Jury Experts

The assessments of diet and health products are carried out by a jury of experts composed of nutritionists, health consultants, chemists, engineers, and university teachers with extensive experience in the field.
Monde Selection works in close collaboration with accredited laboratories such as ECCA and Brucefo among others to conduct specific analyses on the products.

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Quality Labels

The Awards that will show your consumers you care about quality

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A Monde Selection Award displayed on your packaging is a strong and powerful message towards consumers: it guarantees that your product has been tasted, tested and approved by an independent jury panel of experts.

Each awarded product benefits from guaranteed visibility thanks to a Monde Selection label that can be used on packaging and in advertising campaigns for a period of 3 years without any additional licence cost.

Professional independent quality evaluation
Diploma, award and invitation to the ceremony
3 years license to use Quality Award label
Press Release
A professional report on your quality
Results kit
Product quality profile
Online presentation

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