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Japanese Green Tea No Sugar

This infused green tea is produced from leaves sourced from Kagoshima Prefecture, located on the southernmost island of Kyushu, Japan. It is specially packaged for the Singaporean company NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd and marketed under the brand Life.

An elegant green tea

Contained in a transparent plastic bottle with a practical parallelepiped design for easy storage and adorned with informative labeling, this product presents itself as an infusion with a beautiful amber hue and excellent clarity. Although it appears free of sedimentation, the producer advises shaking the bottle well before serving as sediment may be present.

The aroma of the tea is relatively subtle but very elegant, while the taste is full-bodied and flavorful without any harshness or unwanted bitterness. Despite being unsweetened, the mouthfeel is round and pleasant, making it a refreshing and low-calorie beverage.

The finish is as subtle and elegant as the initial taste, with a nice length that remains free of bitterness.

These qualities have led the tasters at Monde Selection to classify this product as the nominee for this year’s Jury Prize in its category.

“Each year, one product per category is awarded the Prize of the Jury as a token of excellence in know-how and quality. In order to qualify, the product must be unanimously selected as a “coup de cœur” by the jury members. The winner of the Prize of the Jury is then selected from a group of just 5 nominees, which makes this award an even greater honour for the recipient.”